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The project work plan consists of nine activities designed to achieve the objectives of ACRUNET.

Activity No 1: Project Preparation took place over the months preceding submission of the project and culminated in a Preparatory Partner Meeting held in Dublin in June 2012.

Activity No 2: Network Development and Transnational Cooperation will be the corner stone of the project developing a platform for the knowledge transfer enabling collective problem solving for sectoral challenges. 

Activity No 3: Development of an Effective Industry-Science Interface for brown crab will provide the tools for a transnational industry- science interface that will improve the current fragmented management framework by providing an agreed indicator framework for assessing and monitoring the fishery allowing stakeholders to participate meaningfully in transnational management of a shared resource.

Activity No 4: Developing an ISO 65 accredited European Quality Standard for brown crab seeks to introduce a consistent approach to quality through the development of a European Standard for Brown Crab permitting the delivery of superior product and demonstrating that it is responsibly caught from a sustainable stock. 

Activity No 5: Characterisation, analysis and modelling of the European brown crab industry aims to:

  • enhance competitiveness and economic viability through knowledge transfer through each member state
  • improve collating data on the economics of the sector with particular focus on the route to market
  • establish critical cost points in order to identify strategic opportunities which will confer competitive advantage and improve economic viability.

Activity No 6: The Introduction of Innovative Technologies and Practices to the brown crab industry will be informed by the strategic findings from Activity no 5 to focus efforts to discover opportunities for gaining market advantage through cost effective transport and product innovation.

Activity No 7: Focused European Consumer Education and Marketing of brown crab, having put in place Activities that seek to improve communications, product quality and profile, and the competitiveness of individual routes to market, will increase consumption of brown crab by maintaining established consumers and attract new consumers through education and promotion.

Activity No 8: Communication and Dissemination will ensure that the deliverables of ACRUNET will be made available to industry and other interested parties.  It will develop and make available channels of communication for the Partners and oversee the updating and promotion of dialogue both internally and with the wider stakeholder community.

Activity No 9: Project Management will ensure the smooth operation of the ACRUNET/INTERREG interface and, in particular, adherence to the Partner financial obligations.

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